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  • Updated Pad Motion 3.0, but some presets still show the 2.0 version...?"
    If the Steinberg Library Manager shows that the Pad Motion 3.0 VST Sound and Pad Motion VST Sound are registered, then this is normal and operating as it should. Presets prior to Pad Motion 3.0 will retain the 2.0 version number and GUI look. In order to implement newer features in 3.0, we had to separate the earlier versions of Pad Motion and Pad Motion 3.0
  • Using Pad Motion 3.0, but the Synth layer is missing a lot of functionality that was in Pad Motion 2.0 and earlier...."
    If you were utilizing the full capabilities of the Analog Modeled Synth Engine and the Wavetable Synth Engine in the Pad Motion 2.0 and earlier presets, those functions are still available in those presets with those layers. However, the preset content specific to Pad Motion 3.0 has a more simplified Synth engine for both the Analog Modeled Synth and the Wavetable Synth as we've condesned both layers into one. So if you'd like to utilize more functionality of those two synths in Pad Motion, you can load up a "4L" preset from Pad Motion 2.0 or earlier.
  • I've updated my product, how do I filter to show only new content in the browser?"
    In HALion, there are four filter columns in the browser. They default to "Category, Sub Category, Style, Character". You can change any of these columns by clicking on it's header and switching it to "Family Name". From there, you can choose to sort by the newest update. For example, if you've updated Pad Motion 2.0 to Pad Motion 3.0, once you've chosen Family Name as one of the filters, you can select "Pad Motion 3.0". This will show you the new content that came with Pad Motion 3.0.
  • What platform do your products use?
    All of our products use Steinberg's HALion platform to run. This includes HALion, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE (which you can download for free at the Steinberg website). HALion Sonic SE download link: HSSE (You will need to register with Steinberg to receive your download and code)
  • The GUI is missing elements?
    After installing in some cases a PC needs higher aministration privelages. Find the application icon (Halion Sonic SE, Halion Sonic or Halion) and "right" click and choose "run as administrator". You should only need to do this one time and then everything should run correctly the next time you start up Halion Sonic SE the next time.
  • Lost Library/VST Sound/Code
    In case of Harddrive failure, accidentally deleted files.... The invoice you received after purchase contains links with the zipped library file, code and documents. However, these links are only valid for 7 days after purchase. If you are in need of these downloads and the links have expired, please contact our support. If an E-license code is lost or gone due to a failed USB Elicenser or hard drive please contact and we will help resolve on a case by case basis.
  • Crashing on Mac?
    Some Mac users have experienced issues on there Mac. It is possible this is related to the eLicense Control Center specifically with version Steinberg has become aware of this and are currently working to correct this. If you have the eLCC and are experiencing issues with it, check first if you have version If so, uninstall it and download THIS version and don't update until Steinberg has fixed the bug. If you have recently installed HALion Sonic SE, the eLicenser version that came with that install should be safe.
  • HALion Sonic SE in Pro Tools?
    At the moment, Steinberg has been made aware of an issue with the AAX of HALion Sonic SE and its incompatibility with Pro Tools. They are currently working on a fix. Until this is fixed, you may experience problems with the AAX of HALion Sonic SE and Pro Tools.
  • Script Errors are showing when you load a preset from one of our libraries...
    This seems to be a real rare issue that is caused by a faulty installation of HALion Sonic SE. To fix, first check for this file, "FCL_SMT_222_Basic_Control.vstsound", in this location on your Windows machine: \Users\"UserName"\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound If it is not there, then try reinstalling HALion Sonic SE, but check the "Install for anyone who uses this computer (all users)" box. Then try loading a preset again. The script errors should be gone.
  • I already own Poly CRE8 but not Wave CRE8. If I purchase the Hybrid Bundle, can I get a discount since I already own half the product?"
    The answer is...
  • On my Mac, I'm not seeing the .cache folder in the library folder."
    The .cache folder isn't necessary to access however, if you want to be able to see the individual presets you'll need to see the .cache folder. If you are running Sierra OS or later on Mac, you can use this shortcut: CMD + SHIFT + . However, if you are using an earlier OS, then you'll need to open Terminal and apply this command: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES Then relaunch Finder. The .cache folder should show up now. If, in the future, you would like to hide the .cache folder and the like, you must apply this command: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO
  • How do I save my own sounds with your product?
    You can right-click on the instrument slot you are modifying and click "Save Program As".
  • Expansion Packs are not showing up in HALion...
    Certain systems have displayed such behavior. -Firstly, be sure they are placed in the correct location: Windows: User // Documents // VST3 Presets // Steinberg Media Technologies // HALion Sonic SE // Program Mac: Users // [username] // Library(this one is hidden) // Audio // Presets // Steinberg Media Technologies // HALion Sonic SE // Program -Next, open HALion Sonic SE and rescan for new presets in the "Browser" tab Make sure HALion is filtering by User Content or Factory & User Content. If the presets still do not show up, then select all of the expansion presets in Finder/File Explorer and drag them into the Browser tab. HALion should register, now.
  • What are the HALion Sonic Layers for?
    These are included with both Wave and Poly CRE8. These cannot be used with HALion Sonic SE (free). They can only be used with HALion Sonic (paid) or the full version of HALion (paid). These allow the user with HALion Sonic/Halion to mix and match the provided layers however they would like.
  • HALion Library Manager? Did you mean Steinberg Library Manager?
    You may find in some of our older documentation we refer to the "HALion Library Manager". After the Cubase 10 update, Steinberg renamed the application, "HALion Library Manager". It is now under the name "Steinberg Library Manager". The tabs within the application have changed too. In the HALion Library Manager you have the "Installed" tab and the "Managed" tab. Our libraries would show up in the "Managed" tab. Now in Steinberg Library Manager, there is the "HALION" tab and the "GROOVE AGENT" tab. Our libraries will be under the "HALION" tab.
  • Purchased the Hybrid Bundle, what are the three folders within the Hybrid Bunlde Expansion Pack folder for?"
    In case you also own HALion 6 and/or HALion Sonic, we've included the Hybrid Bundle Expansion Pack programs for those specific VSTis. They are identical to the multis for HALion Sonic SE. You do not need these two folders. They are optional additions for users of HALion 6 and HALion Sonic.
  • Updated my product to the 2.0 version and experiencing crashing after loading a preset and going to the "Edit" tab on HALion Sonic SE..."
    This is a problem some users on Windows have experienced and it had to do with the graphics resolution of the GUI. This has been fixed. If you are experiencing this issue, try going to the "Updates" tab on our website and downloading the update again.
  • Where can I download the manuals for your products?
    You can visit our "Downloads/Updates" page and there are links to download each manual for each product. Alternatively, Steinberg has Poly/Wave and the Hybrid Bundle documentation at this LINK. To find them, you must navigate as follows: VST>Instruments>[Product].
  • What are the major differences between Pad Motion Layers and Pad Motion?
    Pad Motion Layers features 4 internal Sample/Granular layers. The modulation infastructure is designed completely different than with Pad Motion or any of our other products. Pad Motion is more powerful with more presets. It features 4 different engines (Sample/Grain/Wavetable/Analog Modeled) hosted by the CRE8 engine.
  • Trouble with Installation.
    Here is a link to a video that will walk through the installation process. Click here. *Before proceeding with the installation instructions, be sure you have already downloaded and installed HALion Sonic SE. HALion Sonic SE will have installed HALion Library Manager and eLicenser Control Center, both of which you'll need to install and authorize the product correctly. HALion Sonic SE: HSSE (you may have to register with Steinberg to get the download and code) Latest Version of eLicenser Control Center: eLCC To Register the VST Sound: Find the “VST SOUND ARCHIVE” file within the folder and double click it. HALion Library Manager should automatically open and ask if you’d like to register your product. Confirm Next, You’ll be asked to choose a place you’d like to store the “VST Sound Archive file”.(It is recommended you keep the “VST Sound Archive” file with the Sample Fuel instrument folder) After you’ve chosen where to place the “VST Sound Archive” file, HALion Library manager should confirm that the VST Sound has been registered successfully! To Authorize your Sample Fuel product: Make sure to quit all Steinberg products or anything using them and then run eLicenser Control Center (it is recommended if you are on PC to run eLCC as administrator). After eLCC has opened, click “Enter Activation Code” which can be found under the “Actions” menu. Copy & paste your code into the designated field and click “Continue”. Next, you’ll choose whether you’d like to authorize the code onto a drive or onto a dongle. After eLCC is done processing and adding your code, click to start the activation usage period. Use In HALion products: You may find that HALion’s browser hasn’t updated after registering the sounds and authorizing the library. If this is the case, be sure to go to the “Load” tab in HALion Sonic SE, and refresh the browser. Your Sample Fuel product should now be ready to use! Enjoy and CRE8!
  • Tried updating the VST Sound to the new version available, but only the previous version shows up in the Steinberg Library Manager and HALion Sonic SE."
    If you've already followed the "Update Instructions" included with the update of your product, but HALion Sonic SE and the Steinberg Library Manager only show the previous version then follow these steps: 1. Close HALion Sonic SE and/or your DAW. 2. Open the Steinberg Library Manager and unregister the product in question. 3. In Explorer/Finder, move the VST Sound file (this is your previous version file not the updated one) to the trash but do not empty it, yet. 4. Open HALion Sonic SE and perform a disk rescan located on the "Load" tab. 5. After HALion Sonic SE finishes rescanning, close the application. 6. In Explorer/Finder, navigate to the VST Sound file (the updated one) and double click it to register it in the Steinberg Library Manager. (It'll ask you where you'd like to register, we reccomend you "Register in Place".) 7. Open HALion Sonic SE and perform a disk rescan. 8. To confirm you are seeing the updated version, load a preset from the product in question and navigate to the "About" tab on the product GUI. Look for the version number in the upper right-hand corner of the "About" section. If the number reflects the update you are updating to, you are all set!
  • There is no Interface for your CRE8 products showing on the "Edit" tab.."
    Try updating to the latest version of HALion Sonic SE found Here
  • Can I move my VST Sound location after already registering the VST Sound?
    Yes, but you will want to do this with the HALion Library Manager. Find the product you'd like to move and click on the "Move" button to the right of the product display. Choose the new desired location. After doing this, if you'd like to move the .cache folder to that location, you can now move it manually. In HALion, you may need to perform a rescan in the "Load" tab.
  • If I have Cubase, do I need to install HALion Sonic SE and eLicenser Control Center?"
    If you have Cubase 9 or later, you don't need to install HSSE again, but you may need to update to the latest HSSE and eLCC if you haven't already. If you have Cubase 8.5 or an earlier version, you'll need to download, install and authorize HSSE. You may need to update eLCC as well.
  • After Updating, the "Edit" tab in HALion Sonic SE cuts off part of the graphics of the instrument."
    Update to the most recent version of HALion Sonic SE. Update link:
  • I didn't receive a code for my free Sample Fuel product...
    Our free products do not require a license. However, you will still need a license to use HALion Sonic SE which host our libraries. If you do not already have a code for HALion Sonic SE, you will need to create a MySteinberg account via this link and Steinberg will send you a code shortly.
  • Having Issues with eLicenser...
    Some Mac users have experienced issues with the eLicenser Control Center either not installing, crashing, or not authorizing correctly. Steinberg has become aware of this and are currently working to correct this. If you have the eLCC and are experiencing issues with it, check first if you have version If so, uninstall it and download THIS version and don't update until Steinberg has fixed the bug. If you have recently installed HALion Sonic SE, the eLicenser version that came with that install should be safe.
  • Why is my code is not recognized by the Elicenser?
    You will need to download and install the latest Elicenser update from here.
  • The Soft-E-licenser is missing when I try to authorize.
    This can happen occasionally. Click here to download a utility to correct the problem.
  • How many authorizations do I receive per product?
    You are given only one code to be used for each product.
  • eLicenser Control Center Error in Logic Pro X with HALion Sonic SE 3?
    If you receive a message saying there is an eLicenser Control Center Error while using Logic Pro X and you are given no other option but to click "OK" to abort, then go to: Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Automation You can add back the allowance there.
  • New boot up drive and eLicenser Control Center says authorizations are already in use...
    (Firstly, you'll want to be sure your licenses have been registered online with Steinberg.) If you've had to reinstall your OS (Mac/Windows) and you had the licenses on the harddrive instead of a dongle you may experience this problem. Please refer to this article's section on Reactivation for solving this issue: If this doens't work for you, you will need to contact Steinberg Support for their help with Reactivating your licenses.
  • How can I purchase additional licenses?
    Please contact us at


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