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WAVE Simple Page

On Sale For $175
Normally $350

  • Intuitive and Flexible

  • Quick and Easy Workflow

  • CYCLE-CRE8: 4 Sample Layer Engine

  • Drop-CRE8 Analog Expansion: Drag and Drop Granular and Sample Synth Engine

  • Pad Motion: Sample/Granular Synthesis with optional Poly-CRE8 (analog modeled synth) & Wave-CRE8 (wavetable synthesis) layers

  • Poly-CRE8: 3 Classic Synth Oscillators with a Sub Osc, Noise Osc, and Ring

  • Revolution-CRE8: Sample Synthesis geared towards creating Reverse textures and phrases. 

  • Texture-CRE8: Granular Engine capable of making colorful and eclectic textures.

  • WAVE-CRE8: A Wavetable Synth with 2 Wavetable Oscillators

  • Over 130 Multi Presets included

  • Up to 4 Layer Program Presets

  • Load Program Presets in up to 16 slots

*Requires HALion Sonic SE 3.2.20 FREE, HALion Sonic 3.2.20 or HALion 6.2.1 or higher.  (Note: HALion Sonic SE 3 requires mac OS 10.14 or Higher/ Windows 10)

*No USB-elicenser dongle required.  Works with soft e-licenser or USB.

HALion Sonic SE 3 is available for free as a plug-in for any VST3, VST2, AU and AAX compatible host and as a stand-alone application for macOS and Windows.

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Upgrade Prices for Owners of Full Version Sample Fuel Products

If you are a previous owner of our products, there are upgrade price options available.


If you own:

  • 1 Product*: Upgrade Price is $146.30

  • 2 Products*: Upgrade Price is $90.30

  • 3 Products*: Upgrade price is $55.30

  • 4 Products*: Upgrade price is $35

  • 5 Products*: Upgrade price is FREE


If you want to upgrade, please contact us at

*Poly or Wave purchased individually are excluded from upgrade price. Drop Analog Expansion is excluded from the upgrade price.

*Hybrid Bundle (Poly + Wave) qualifies as 1 product

"The presets themselves are spectacular. I was able to find inspiration with any preset that I chose at random, which is saying alot."


Read the review for yourself here!

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What's Included in PRODUCTION BUNDLE:


CYCLE Advanced Synth PAGE.PNG

The  CYCLE-CRE8 SYNTH page has 4 main sample-based synth oscillators. The engine cycles (in sync) through these 4 layers in order from ONE-FOUR. There are 4 different CYCLE shapes to choose from (RAMP, PULSE, SINE and SAW). The user can tweak the cycle amount by the CYCLE AMOUNT knob or by the Quick Control labeled CYCLE. There is a CYCLE RATE knob allowing the user to tweak how slow or fast the instrument cycles through the layers. The user can turn the cycling ON or OFF. By turning the cycling OFF, the four layers become a pad, playing back simultaneously.

Each layer contains:

  • Layer Bypass

  • Mute

  • Solo

  • Over 675 sample sources to choose from

  • Volume

  • Pan

  • Fine Tune

  • Standard Amplitude ADSR

  • Filter Envelope ADSR

  • Filter: Cutoff (24 Filter types), Resonance, Filter Envelope Amount, Distortion/Fatness (7 filter distortion/fatness types).

  • Sample Start

  • Loop Start and Loop End

  • Loop Crossfade and Curve

  • Sample Display

Get more info on CYCLE-CRE8, here!


Pad Motion 2 0 Sample Synth Section

Pad Motion 2 0 Sample Synth Section

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 The  SAMPLE CRE8 SYNTH page is an overview display of the sample content used in the patch.  The actual display is only showing the first sample used in the loaded patch if that patch utilizes multi-samples.​

This synth page also includes a sample browser/loader that allows you to switch between any of the available 682 possible sample/multi-sample choices that can be used for sound design patch creation.

There are also many parameters to adjust sample start times, end times, loop points, crossfade loops, etc.

There are included patches that will allow you to Drag n Drop your own single samples onto the sample window to use your own content.  This feature functions in the same manner as our DROP-CRE8 instruments.