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Westlake Village, California USA — December 02, 2021 SAMPLE FUEL announced

WAVE 3.0 a FREE Update to its Wavetable Software instrument available immediately.

This is a completely FREE update that includes a New LFO Rate Graphics, New User Envelope Presets, and over 1100 New Wavetable presets included.

Sample Fuel has announced the release of version 3.0 Update for WAVE (a free update for previous users of WAVE).

WAVE 3.0 Update brings many new enhancements, features and presets. WAVE 3.0 brings 100s of new wavetables comprised from a large array of classic to modern synthesizers. The main drive behind this update was to create a flagship synthesizer with the flexibility to cover everything from classic analog/digital synthesis to modern wavetable textures. The 3.0 update brings Gate Modulation, a multiplier / divider function for the User Envelope grid and more.” said Danny Lux, Owner at SAMPLE FUEL

New Features in Version 3.0:

  • New LFO Rate Graphics

  • New Gate Modulation

  • New Multiplier / Divider Grid Function for the User Envelope

  • More Presets

  • 100s of new wavetable presets included.

  • New User Envelope shaped presets.

  • LP and HP Pull Down Menus on Simple Page

Key Features:

  • 2 Wavetable oscillator synth with 8 de-tunable voices. Also includes Sub and Noise oscillators.

  • Presets have up to 2 Layers and a user can load patches in up to 16 slots that can be used multi-timbral or layered by assigning patches to the same MIDI channel.

  • Single user interface that provides all the functionality a user would reach for during composing or performing.

  • 18 different insert effects.

  • 61 Total effects via the aux channels.

  • 8 Quick Control knobs to access the most common parameters for fast adjustments.

  • Works with soft elicenser or USB.

Price: WAVE 3.0 is avaiable for purchase for $35 at current sale price (normally $49.99). It is available for immediate download here. Also, available in the HYBRID BUNDLE (POLY 3.0 and WAVE 3.0) for $40 at current sale price (normally $79.99).

For more information contact:

Website link:

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