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Submit a DEMO get POLY FREE

Updated: May 28, 2018

We are looking for demo tracks for the FREE POLY DEMO version. To download go to


Download the POLY demo and create a demo track that is at least 45 seconds long and utilizes at least 3 patches. It can be simple and we prefer it if the demo uses only POLY sounds or at least provide a "naked" version where we hear just what POLY is doing in the demo.

Submit all demo tracks to

If we use your track as an official demo on the website you will get POLY for strings attached!

Everyone that submits a demo track that is at least 45 seconds and contains at least 3 different demo patches will get a 50% off discount code towards the purchase of POLY, WAVE or THE HYBRID BUNDLE. This is a limited time offer. Once we have posted the official demos this offer will expire. Update-The DEMO contest closed and demos were uploaded on May 18, 2018.

POLY and WAVE are $34.99 or bundled in the HYBRID BUNDLE for $49.99.

More product info at

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