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SAMPLE FUEL announced PAD MOTION LAYERS a Cinematic Pad Virtual Instrument which is available for download on March 23, 2021.

This is a completely new sample and granular based instrument that includes over 900 sampled sources and over 700 presets.

PAD MOTION LAYERS is an extension of one our most powerful Virtual Instrument to date, Pad Motion and takes advantage of 4 layers of sample and grain. PAD MOTION LAYERS utilizes a completely new engine that was created for maximum efficiency when tweaking and sound designing pads. The final results are rich, thick and beautiful cinematic pads that can provide aggressive complex movement or be dialed back to subtle beautiful emotional pads. This instrument is an expansion of our already popular Pad Motion instrument.” said Danny Lux, Owner at SAMPLE FUEL.


This Instrument utilizes 4 sample and granular engines and will be available March 23, 2021 to download at

  • GRANULAR Engine is a simple yet powerful modern granular engine that can utilize up to 8 grains. You can freely access 907 different sampled sources via a pull-down menu to be used in this engine.

  • SAMPLE PLAYBACK Engine is a simple yet powerful and efficient sample playback engine. You can freely access 907 different sampled sources via a pull-down menu to be used in this engine.

  • Over 700 program presets

  • An LFO, Step Modulator, User Envelope and Gate per layer

  • A Master Volume and Pan LFO

  • Master Arp and Midi Player

  • An XY pad to balance level between layers

  • Single Sample Drag and Drop

  • Presets have 4 internal Layers and you can load patches in up to 16 slots that can be used multi-timbral or layered by assigning patches to the same midi channel.

  • Intuitive single user interface that provides all the functionality you would reach for during composing or performing.

  • 18 different insert effects.

  • 61 Total effects via the aux channels.

  • 8 Quick Control knobs to access the most common parameters for fast adjustments.

Price: $99.99 or until April 5th, 2021 get $30 off using coupon code : PML-THIRTYOFF Cross-grade prices are available for current Pad Motion owners. For cross-grades, contact

For more information contact:

Download link:


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